Vegetables and fruit trees

Vegetables and fruit trees Are you an avid gardener and want to make the most of your orchard space by planting vegetables there? Then you need to study this information carefully.  Planting vegetables under fruit trees is not the best option. Difficulties may arise as follows:                 Lack […]


Are blackberries suitable for everyone?

Blackberry preserves will make a splendid addition to any dessert table. And what aromatic pastries can be created with these berries. «These berries taste wonderful raw!», many of you will proclaim, and they will be correct. Additionally, they are a true treasure trove of health advantages. They are all renowned for their anti-inflammatory characteristics and […]

Red crumbly Callistemon

Have a bright rich color and a very unusual flower shape. They cannot tolerate the cold, so they can only grow in warm climates or at home. The flowers themselves are native to Australia.   The flowers are very similar in shape to a scrubber for washing something. The flowers grow up to 12 centimeters […]

A variety of inventions in the form of dishes

Everyone loves to drink aromatic coffee or tea with goodies, so creative designers have come up with the perfect option for this action. A mug that changes the picture when heated is perhaps the most popular among creative gifts in the world. Much more interesting to drink your favorite drink in an unusual cup shape, […]

Creative tableware for gifts

Creative teapot for connoisseurs of tea in the form of an hourglass for true connoisseurs. An unusual kettle for brewing tea in a strange shape, you definitely will not find this anywhere else and looks stylish in the interior. Three-in-one invention. Saves space well. Kettle, toaster and clock. A special cup for dipping cookies in […]

Tips for cultivating Blackberry

The allure of blackberry is that you can blossom, immature fruit, and mature fruit on the same shrub simultaneously. That’s why blackberry are also frequently utilized in compositions. The thorns can cause significant discomfort, but luckily there are thornless varieties.  Blackberry don’t have a long shelf life, so it is recommended to harvest and consume […]

Kiwi from your personal garden

A kiwifruit is a semi-exotic plant. It prefers to thrive in fertile soil and generates meter-long fresh stems every year. The yield can be harvested in the autumn, frequently after the initial frost. Plants often possess male or female blossoms, occasionally they are dioecious and produce both. Kiwis possess a range of health advantages due […]